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Had an accident?
Know your legal rights

The Repair Centre Approach


It is your legal right to choose exactly where you have your vehicle repaired after it has been involved in an accident so you can benefit by dealing with a local specialist independent repairer such as The Repair Centre.

Insurance companies often have their preferred garages that they will encourage you to use, however as the owner of the vehicle you have the legal right to decide who repairs your vehicle. There are many benefits by choosing to deal directly with an approved independent repair company like ourselves.

We will always answer directly to you and our reputation and business depends on doing the best possible repair for you.

Remember if you have been involved in an accident which was not your fault, you are entitled to make a claim and your losses can be recovered from the other party’s insurance policy. Plus if liability for the accident has been admitted by the other driver, we can arrange a suitable like-for-like replacement vehicle through one of our associated accident management partners.

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